By Rafael Lulet

This last Sunday Mercedes has had gain, despite Hamilton didn´t have a podium, there were to multi yellow flag on race, and this situation changed a least two time, again the strategic games were important and won who played better, and Red Bull with Max Verstappen have done it, Ferrari, could not put his drivers in good position, but, a last tried Charles Leclerc jumped to Hamilton and got the third place.

Therefore, Carlos Sainz had a lot a trouble and he tried to different suits scenario of race while Checo Perez, had issues for his car control again, Red Bull has only built one good racing car, and this one has been given to Verstappen, but this is a difficult for them, because Perez didn´t have a car to competition against Mercedes neither Ferrari, and if he got a good car maybe Perez would have won a podium too, but despite added some points to his gear.

Mclaren has gone on with issues, they have not could to win against to Alpine, maybe the change news about Ricciardo contract finish affects the results in them, but, only in Australian pilot, when the next session going to arrive Oscar Priasti to take the seat of Riccardo after knew about the finished of dispute between him and Alpine team.

Comes to dispute the second place in the driver’s championships, in this moment Charles Leclerc and Sergio Perez have 201 points, after they, comes them George Russell with 188 points and Carlos Sainz with 175, but the principal show is between Leclerc and Perez, when the next race in Italy, it is going to resolve, While Verstappen have the first place without competitor, and seven to go, it is possible that he is going to win the 2022 championship of formula one.

Therefore, Red Bull is leader in the championship’s builders with 511 points, they have 325 points different than Ferrari with 376, near are Mercedes with 346 and Alpine with 125 above McLaren with 101 points.

We are going to see if Mercedes to reach Ferrari for the second place of builders Championships, due to German’s gear have been consistent to go close session, and them cars have showing be better than Ferrari, 30 points to different there are between both teams, and not a big deal between them.