By Rafael Lulet

Ferrari and McLaren, where greats loser in the GP of Belgium this last Sunday, again the strategy fail to Italian team, where Carlos Sainz began in firths position but after he couldn’t get it to end race in third, otherwise, Charles Leclerc did win too much positions, but, at last he only got with sixtieth place versus Alonso because the Monegasque drive got punished with five seconds due to into to pits fast, this were the worst decision of his team leader, Ferrari going to need a lot of work to final the second half of season; black Sunday for them.

Therefore, McLaren had a new update but, they got a lot of issues though on race, Daniel Riccardo couldn’t shine after the news about his fired, otherwise, Lando Norris had tried to caught to Alpine drivers but, he never got it, at finally, they got to twelfth and fifteenth place, while Alexander Albon again got one point for Williams, great job to him; other teams that were lost on race, were Hass, they never got the point zone, Magnussen and Schumacher, they never moved on outside of the last positions.

Around 36 lap, we saw a great battle between Pierre Gasly, Sebastian Vettel and Esteban Ocon, where Ocon, over got them on out track with risk on the Kemmel straight to won eight position, while Fernando Alonso, from begin to final had different issues, in the firth lap, he crashed with Hamilton, in this accident the British driver, was DNS because he got trouble with his car, after, Alonso to tried to get good places, that he done it, and he was fifth position because Leclerc was penalized with 5 seconds. 

Mercedes with once car, won fourth position with Russell, whom tried to take away the third place to Carlos Sainz, but he couldn´t, maybe if he had had three laps more, he had got it, because Ferrari had got too much issues and Sainz had having trouble his tires, maybe, both teams have similar racing cars in this moments, it is trouble to Italian gear, because they had thought to compete versus Red Bull in the second half of season, but, with the new car of Austrians we will see another battles different that firths months of this year.

Red bull has been in other galaxy, they brought out a new car, with a best update than the other teams, and the principal goal, it were faster and probably reliable too, well, only we could see in the  Verstappen car, whom was penalized versus Checo Pérez whom is going to have update in his car the next races possibly, while less, Max Verstappen is going to win on the next calendars with his new car like did in last Sunday, when he got a victory on Ferrari teams, after he began from fourteenth place to win the championship of Spa.

Red bull is favorite to win the championship of builder and the pilots, and this last, Verstappen has been of choice above anybody, we were seeing in the quality day where he didn’t want to help to Sergio Pérez whom tried get the pole, while Leclerc gave a helping hand to Sainz in the last lap, though he won without it, but, we could see a teamwork of Ferrari.