By Rafael Lulet

Next weekend, begin again the second session in the formula one of this 2022, Red Bull, go on with advantages above Ferrari, but, Mercedes Bens have had good performance, this it is the principal elements by set them in the battle for try to win this championship, maybe it is, difficult for them, because there are ten races to end, and their points will not enough, but they going to try.  

Max Verstappen, go on like leader of this championship with 258 points, versus 178 of Charles Leclerc, and 173 of Checo Pérez, with front to ten races to complete, maybe Verstappen going to win his second championship in his sport career, but, in this year, all teams has had issues in the reliability, principal Ferrari and Red Bull, and this it is point to make to different between competitors at win these years, we going to wait to the end session of formula one 2022.

The “porpoising”  go on to great trouble to all teams, for search solution, they have set different fix, but no enough, due to, they have not done fulfillment with charter, therefor, the FIA post new demand to must them comply with the regulations in these second session 2022 of formula one, if they don´t do it, they will get serious sanctions, into this demands, they will must remove flexi flat bottom,  because some organizations had been with it is, but now the teams is going to must put an reglementary flat bottom for get out the “porpoising” trouble, but, if them put it and they will go on with this issues, the FIA will disqualify the car. Red Bull and Ferrari have been with this case principally than Mercedes had after too different changes into his car.

By on 2023, the bottom flat frontier, is going to up fifteen millimeters, the diffuser throat will to change in height, more power into MGUK and removed the MGUH unit too, while, diffuser border is going to much hard and the teams will put a monitor sensors on bottom the car, because it’s going to check to the “porpoising” trouble upon to avoid it, with this, the FIA is going to plan to reduce trouble health in the drivers, therefore we have remember with Hamilton  when he get down his car with neat hurt due to «porpoising» trouble, but not only he, otherwise Gasly, Pérez, and another drivers too, and this implementations is going to try to avoid accidents too.

Next Championship in Belgium, a difficult track, where may be the weather is raining and this track have many low curve and minimum speed straight, Ferrari is favorite versus Red Bull and Mercedes to win a pole, we will probably to see Charles Leclerc will on the first place and he will start from this position, but, Verstappen have advantage above him in race, however, Max will have issues when to try control his car into low curves than Ferrari because they have more speed than Red bull cars.

We will see much change in the next championships, into this, there will be the Mexico GP too, and the next question is, will Checo equalize to Max Verstappen on track? or, maybe Red Bull will give him instructions to let him win like until now, because they would prefer to get the championship leader for Marx and the constructor championship for them.